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What are the benefits of a venture capital fund investment?

Deal flow vetted by industry expertsExperienced fund managers review thousands of startups each year and only invest in a handful.

Instant diversification with one investmentThe ability to invest once and diversify across anywhere from 5 to 50+ startups.

New sectors and geographiesFunds invest in sectors rarely seen on investment platforms, and many are able to invest globally. Diversify into regions and industries not previously available on Seedrs.

Strategic support on top of a capital injection Our funds are active investors, proactively working to help startups succeed. Most take a board seat, all shape the future of the businesses.

What are some risks to be aware of?

Illiquidity of investments and interestsInvestors may not be able to liquidate their interests prior to the termination of a fund or make returns on their investments for a number of years.

Loss of capitalInvestments should not be made unless investors can readily bear the consequences of a complete loss of their investment.

Investment StrategiesVC Fund investments are often in unlisted, private companies which are riskier than investments in listed companies, due to being smaller and more vulnerable to changes in markets.

No right to control operationsInvestors must rely entirely on the management entity of the fund to conduct and manage the affairs of the fund.

How does investing work on Seedrs?

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Passion Capital Fund III

  • In March 2021, this pioneering partnership was the first time a European private VC fund opened its doors to retail investors.

  • An allocation of the £45m fund III was opened to Seedrs investors.

  • Passion Capital hit its target in 20 minutes, with £1m of investment through the platform in an hour.

  • The fund has invested in Lassie, Mindlabs, Fronted, and other promising European businesses.


JamJar Fund II

  • In December 2021 JamJar Investments, the VC fund from the founders of Innocent, topped up its £100m Fund II, welcoming portfolio founders, family and friends, and Seedrs investors.

  • Our largest VC fund to date, raising a total of £102.1M including £2.4m through the Seedrs platform.

  • The fund has since invested in Urban Legend, Lucky Saint, and other exciting consumer startups.

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For more information to learn how Seedrs uses your personal data, please review our Privacy Notice.

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